Jamaican Men, It's Not Worth Killing Her. And Also African Men Too!

 What’s up, this is Money Cultural back here on Money Cultural Raw. Hope everyone is alright. Right, I heard in that a man who lived near my late grandmother’s grave site hung himself on a tree at Middleton Road in Whitehall which is the parish of St Thomas, Jamaica. In other words, the man kill himself. You must be wondering “Why did he hang himself blud? Why was he hanging on the tree, star?” Well let me tell you. The reason why that he hung himself on a tree is because that he killed his girlfriend. You must be fucking wondering, “Why did the fool kill his girlfriend?” Because that she was goanna leave the man. So that is the reason why he killed the woman. I don’t know why the man took the woman’s life but I wish you can see the pictures of the woman he kill off to pussy claat!

Now here's the thing ladies and also gentlemen. I have seen plenty of men in Jamaica killing their wives/girlfriends recently. There was a murderer suicide in Portmore last year with a soldier who killed his wife and then kill himself. Why? All because of bun! Bun is a term in Jamaica meaning cheating or cheat. There was another story of man who killed his girlfriend all because of bun. But the man took it a step further by killing the baby as well. I really don’t know why he fucking do that shit. Hey, maybe the baby might not be his but the man didn't need to kill the baby. Right, let me tell you something. No matter what the circumstances is with you and the woman you are with, it’s not worth killing.

The reason why you shouldn’t do this bullshit because that you will end up going to prison for the rest of your life or you get executed, depends what country you are in. And other fucking thing right. When the woman is goanna leave you, let her go. There are so many women in that little island and the simp will go on and kill the woman. Listen, last year, there was a whole leap of murder suicides last year in that small pretty island and now it come back again. My mum told me about it and I said that these simps in Jamaica have lost their minds. This has never happened before when I was young going to the great country Jamaica but now, things are different. They are just killing themselves after they off their woman.

I don’t know if it’s happening in other Caribbean countries but I know it’s happening in Africa with the men in Africa killing off their wives all because they have a next man. Yeah, it happens in the motherland too. And the husbands kill themselves too. So it’s the same thing when it comes to the men in Africa. You know when these simps kill themselves after they kill the love of their life, they do that because they can’t bare the hurt, heartache and pain that these scragglies give to them so instead of walking away which is the best idea, they just kill their woman and kill self afterwards.

You must be thinking "That this shit don’t happen in the motherland." Oh fuck yeah; this bullshit does happen in Africa. There are articles of black men in Africa killing their wives. There was an article of a police officer killed his wife, two children, mother in law and then kill himself. And there was another man who is 60 years old in Ghana kills 57 year old wife for alleged cheating. There are a number of articles of simps doing this killing suicide thing which is now trending.




These women are not worth killing. And if the woman has another man, then let her go and move on. They can find someone else and be with that person while the woman goes with the next man. I don’t know what is the situation with the man and the woman but I know that he will be the talking point in Whitehall. These simps kill their woman with gun, knife, strangle them, chop their heads off with the machete and so on. It’s not worth killing the woman if the woman is goanna leave him. Yes, it’s goanna hurt and the pain is unbearable but then afterwards the pain will go away and when a man and also a woman is healed. But killing the woman is not worth the time.



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